Revenue Connections is a top-line focused consultancy firm that grows revenue for financial services clients through increased sales, enhanced product offerings and operational process improvements in credit, collections and recoveries. Simple in design, but powerful in execution Revenue Connections’ intense focus on increasing cash from business development and operational improvements sets it apart from other consulting firms.

Grow Revenue from Existing Files/Clients

Your fastest path to cash and revenue growth is in the files you currently work with clients you’ve already signed. Discover how to unlock the potential in existing files and relationships to generate new revenue without having to land a new client and go through a painful vendor management process with seemingly endless contract negotiations. The door is already open – find it, focus on it and walk through it – we can help.

Grow Revenue from New Clients

Maybe you’re already realizing the full potential of the files you are currently working and have expanded your existing client relationships as far as they will stretch. If so, Revenue Connections can still help by creating additional revenue streams through sourcing new clients.  Through three decades of relationship building and database cultivating, we can build a multi-faceted pipeline customized to your needs. We can be as involved as you like from just making an introduction to fostering the connection all the way through closing.

Grow Revenue from Enhanced Product Offerings

Growing revenue may have little to do with expanding existing client relationships or developing new ones, but instead be more reliant on offering the right product or service to the right target market at the right price. Through extensive market experience and a global network, Revenue Connections can help you benchmark your existing offering’s marketability, identify gaps in your product suite and help you develop the products/services necessary to realize the revenue growth you are seeking.

Make Meaningful Connections

Whether it’s finding new clients or the right business partners in auto finance, student lending, marketplace lending or mortgage originations and servicing, leverage our expansive network built over thirty years in the banking, consumer finance and mortgage industries. We cover all facets of the lending industry from marketing and sales to credit and collections to legal recoveries all the way out to debt sales and purchases. It doesn’t have to lead to a paid engagement if we are able to help our business partners make the right connections.


You just need to make it a priority, apply the resources and execute – Revenue Connections can help.

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We help you to design the roadmap to growing your revenue. We connect you with the industry professionals and products your company needs to grow revenue in a cost-effective and scalable manner

Revenue Connections grows revenue for its partners by bringing focus and effort to the activities that drive increased cash collections from business development, product development and operations. This is accomplished through leveraging a global network of professional relationships in the banking and financial services industry to connect business partners with opportunities. In addition to building relationships, Revenue Connections has deep domain experience in creating, building and/or restructuring sales, marketing, product development, collections and recovery organizations to drive and support dramatic revenue growth.